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Cookies are small text files that a web browser stores on a user's device. Cookies are only set on the user's device when they visit a specific website. Only the server that sent the cookie can later read and use it. Cookies or other technologies do not harm the user's device or files, and cookies cannot be used to run programs or distribute malware. Users cannot be identified solely through cookies. uses:


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Necessary cookies make the website usable and enable basic functions. The website may not function properly without these cookies, so they cannot be disabled.


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Our website uses the Google Analytics plugin for visitor tracking and traffic analysis.


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Our website uses cookies from Google Ads, allowing for automation and targeting of marketing solutions based on visitor data.


Our website may not function as intended without cookies.

We use cookies to improve the functionality of our website and for analytics purposes. Necessary cookies are always active. Read more from our cookie policy.
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