Skábma – quality time in Saariselkä

Skábma is a 14-bed premium loghouse nestled by the Urho Kekkonen National Park in Saariselkä, Lapland, Finland. The peace and tranquillity of Northern Lapland are perfectly captured inside these timber walls.

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Lappish hospitality

The cheery pair of hostesses, sisters Heli and Kaisu, wish you warmly welcome in Skábma. The local fisherman’s daughters know the Saariselkä area and conditions like the backs of their hands. They’ll see to it that you’ll enjoy your visit as best suits you.

­– It’s all about the simple things: crisp and clear winter mornings, a calm lake Inari on a summer night – nature offers breath-taking moments in all seasons.

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Everyday hustle and bustle are conspicuously absent in Skábma. The pace of life is dictated by the pure, untamed nature that unfolds from the doorstep.

Enjoy nature with us

We favour simple nature activities. Slow-paced excursions leave time to focus on nature and feel its calming effect.

We’re happy to take you on a guided nature tour and present tips for local exploration all year round.

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foot of Kaunispää fell.